ESVD-ECVD Annual Congress 2017
ESVD-ECVD Annual Congress 2017 Даты проведения: 7 - 9 сентября 2017г.

Место проведения: Lausanne, Switzerland, SwissTech Convention Center
Организаторы: ESVD - ECVD

ESVD-ECVD Annual Congress, 7-9 September 2017, Lausanne Switzerland

Dear members and friends of veterinary dermatology
We are very proud to invite you to the 29th ESVD - ECVD Annual Congress, which will take place from 7-9 September 2017 in Lausanne, Olympic capital, located on the shore of Lake of Geneva in Switzerland.

You will not only be able to enjoy Swiss watches, chocolate, cheese, wine and mountains but also the picturesque UNESCO World heritage region LAVAUX where monks built thousands of terraces to cultivate our famous wine in the 12th century.

Vets, specialists in dermatology, partners and exhibitors from all over the world will meet in the brand-new SwissTech Convention Center to share scientific, cultural and personal experiences.

We are looking forward to share some stimulating and inspiring moments with you during the ESVD - ECVD Congress 2017 in Lausanne.

Warm regards,
The Local Organizing Committee

Jean C. Pfister   Jeff Jensen
Claudia Nett   Silvia Ruefenacht